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The 11 April 2014 Radio Latino Stereo is born, his founder, Carlos Polo, of great trajectory in the locution and social communication, aims to create a platform in which our Spanish-speaking community can interact without losing its essence, nor its roots.
The road has not been easy, but we are aware that we must renew ourselves in the professional and personal sphere.
The times change, online radio reaches the most remote places on the planet and its growth exceeds all expectations, at the same time, competition and new talent are the order of the day.

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“Charlie”, that's what his colleagues and friends call him in New York, where he resides after leaving his native Peru, preserves the gift of people from its beginnings, his passion for radio is the same as always, there are no differences, every time he is in front of the microphone, he does it with the illusion of the first day, he left his homeland, but he brought his dreams with him.

He is passionate about the radio, audiovisuals are more than a life challenge, This forces him to improve and continue with the firm intention of bequeathing to more people, cultures and different parts of the world.

We are convinced that online radio is more than a means of communication, does not doubt at all that he can, and must, grow because it is a priority to give the best to the community.

From Peru to the USA, and from USA to Peru, there is a wide horizon and a melting pot of nations, online radio is the ideal instrument to get closer as people, have empathy and share our goals ...

Radio Latino Stereo is more than an online radio, more than a station, more than Carlos Polo himself and all the examples he seeks to emulate, thanks to each and every one of you for being part of this great project.

To end, We can only share the phrase of the great Rubén Blades: "The dream of one, it's everyone's dream ", and that is the object of desire of this Hispanic platform that came to unite us and make us a great community.


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